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MANOR BOX MANOR BOX is a manufacturer, installer and consultant for buildings and a complete line of
architecture modular system performance. It is under the supervision of Naas Design Co., Ltd.,
which is controlled by a team of architects and engineers with over a decade of work experience to share ideas
to create a better quality of life for both Residential and commercial, another simple and stable way of life.



Outstanding Design

Reflect on yourself and can be transformed into a unique identity.


Expert Team

Designed by architects and engineers with over a decade of experience.



The modular system makes it possible to quickly build up the structure.


Accurate calculation

Able to perform the work as a model in the proposed budget.

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Suphan Kumpanya

Architects who have experience in design and project management for more than 20 years. Owner of NAAS Design Ltd., Posh Manor, MATTER DEC LIMITED PARTNERSHIP and affiliates.

Our Goal

In the year 2021, we expect our company to be able to improve the quality of living of Thai people
and make it easier for everyone to have the right home.