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How Often Do Married Couple Have Sex?

The answer to this question depend upon which couple.

Later a unique normal libido. For some, that could indicate a desire to have sex daily or a couple of times every week, while for others it may be a few times a month or perhaps less.

Once per week is a common baseline, experts state. But that number doesn’t generally apply to everyone, especially more radiant people.

Many sex therapists agree that there is no one right response for when couples really should have sex, since each relationship and each few are different. Additionally they caution against concentrating too much upon statistics, which could make sex a chore instead of a special knowledge.

The most important thing is to understand that it is very okay to obtain sex less than you might want. But it may be also important to recognise that making love below ten times per year can easily certainly be a sign that you’re in what’s called a sexless marriage, which may lead to divorce down the road should you be unhappy.

According to the Connections in America study, 12% of married adults 18 to 60 years old did not have virtually any sex for at least three months. That is significantly less than the fourth there’s 16 times each year that adults among 2000 and 2004 reported having. Remarkably, the downfall in erectile frequency hasn’t been as dramatic for lovers in their 50s and aged.